Die Abstracts der Pekinger Konferenz von 2005
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Begrüssungsadressen der Eröffnungsveranstaltung / Teil 1
Begrüssungsadressen der Eröffnungsveranstaltung / Teil 2

The main directions of sea-buckthorn breeding program in Siberia
Yiry A. Zubarev
The Research Progress on Sea-buckthorn Breeding in China
Quan Huang
The Genetic Resources of Hippophae and its Utilization
Lu Rongsen
Seabuckthorn breeding on eco-economic improvement purpose

-Superior plant selection in F1 generation
of ssp mongolica and ssp. sinensis

Jin Zhengpin Wen Xiufeg Lun Shunguang Jin Shuyuan
Study on Introduction of Seabuckthorn and its Bio-ecological Characters in loess Hilly Region
Li Daiqiong, Chen YunmingWu QinxiaoBai GangshuanJiang JunHuang
The Utiliziation of the Sea Buckthorn in Romania,
past, resent and future
By Doctorand Engineer PROOROCU ANGEL
Danube seabuckthorn population - source of male forms valuable for selection
A.P. Lebeda, T.E. Tkachenko and N.I. Dzhurenko
Distribution, Composition and Community Characteristics
of Seabuckthorn in Beichuanhe Basin
Zheng Jiali, Hu Jianzhong
Wild Sea buckthorn (Hipphophae rhamnoides L.) area,
its forms and outlook for use in Mongolia
Ochirbat, G.
Seabuckthorn-Programme for Mustang, Nepal: Safeguarding Medicinal Plants and the Biodiversity of Nepal.
Dr. Susanne von der Heide
Integrated management of seabuckthorn carpenter moth: Holcocerus hippophaecolus (Lepidoptera:Cossidae)
You-qing Luo, Shi-xiang Zong, Zhi-chun Xu
Promoting function of seabuckthorn to increment of introduced foreign arbor trees in young growth period
Yan Xiaoling
Horticultural Aspect of Sea buckthorn
Thomas S. C. Li
Sanjai K Dwivedi and Z Ahmed
Flavonol glycosides of berries of three major sea huckthorn subspecies, Hippophaë rhamnoides ssp. rhamnoides, ssp. sinensis and ssp. mongolica
Heikki Kallioa, Baoru Yanga,b and Teemu Halttunena
Supercritical CO2 extracted sea buckthorn pulp oil and seed oil improve microcirculation
Baoru Yanga, b, Ying Wuc, Qiujuan Liuc, Bingwen Wangc,
Jun Kangc, Junxian Wangc, Heikki Kallioa
Tocopherols and Carotenoid in Fruit Pulp Oil of Seabuckthorn Growing in Dry Temperate Himalayas
V. Singh, R.K. Gupta, R.C. Sawhney* and C. Arumughan**
Therapeutic efficacy of Seabuckthorn and Dermanol in the healing of cutaneous wounds in bovine
A.C. Varshney, S.P. Tyagi and Rajesh Rana
Chemical Constituents and Sensory Acceptability of Ready to Serve Seabuckthorn Beverage
Shipra Saklani, H.R. Sharma and Virendra Singh*
Studies on Chemical Constituents and Nitric Oxide Production Inhibitory Activity of Hippophae rhamnoides L.
Akihiro DAIKONYA1, Zhi-Gang YANG2, Li-Yan WANG1, Shun-Guang LU3, Hong-mei ZHANG2, Xiu-Feng WEN3, Shi-Yi ZHAO4, Shinya TSURU4, and Susumu KITANAKA1*
Seabuckthorn, a resource for soft tissue repair in animals
A.C. Varshney1and S.P. Tyagi2
Occurrence of Radical Scavenging Proanthocyanidins from Sea Buckthorn Seed
Jinling Fan, Xiaolin Ding*, Wenying Gu
The Study of Seabuckthorn Extraction that can lower the level of blood sugar of trtroxide pyrimidine diabetes mice
Yuansheng Zhou, Yong Lie, Yue Wang and Hongzhi Wang
Extraction and Physico-chemical properties of Seabuckthorn oil from cold deserts of Himalaya
T. Parimelazhagan* and Zakwan Ahmed
Alternative methods and technologies for seabuckthorn processing
J.-Th. Mörsel1, S. Steen2
Storage Possibilities of Sea buckthorn Juice
Dalija Seglina1, Liga Skudra2, Daina Karklina2, Silvija Ruisa1
Cavitation process application in seabuckthorn oil technology
Sarantuya Ulziibat, Enkhtuvshin Davaadorj
Creating a Competitive Brand of Sea buckthorn Products from Management Point of View
Ecological features of seabuckthorn growing in semidesert area of the Pricaspian Plain in Russia
M. Sizemskaya, M. Sapanov, I. Oloviannikova
Zonation of Seabuckthorn Planting in Three North Areas of China
Hu Jianzhong
Growth mechanism for
biomass of seabuckthorn stand in the middle part of the loess plateau
TU Xiaoning XU Tao XIA Jingfang
The Global Preservation and Sharing of Seabuckthorn Germplasm Resources
(Henry) Shunguang LU Zhengping JIN Hai GUO Xiufeng WEN Yong ZHONG