Quality assurance - a challenge to seabuckthorn products

Prof. Dr. Mörsel, Jörg-Thomas, Technical University of Berlin Germany

Claudia Mörsel, Martina Hellwing, UBF Untersuchungs- Beratungs- Forschungslaboratorium GmbH, Germany


Seabuckthorn is well known as a valuable product. Production of high quality products and world-wide trade bring the need for quality assurance of the whole production chain. Not only in Germany, but general in European Community Countries the demand on certified products become greater. For Seabuckthorn producers and processors there is a set of rules for trade that must be fulfilled. ISO standards only match one kind of claims but also national rules like BRC standards (rules for trade of the British Retail Consortium) or IFS (International Food Safety Standard) in Germany amend the list of demands. Many customer of Seabuckthorn products in Germany ask for products grown under ecological conditions. There are rules for these products too. Producers and growers should consider this situation when planing and managing their Seabuckthorn production.

The presentation gives an overview on the situation of quality assurance systems and the actual demands on the market. Proposals and hints for those who like to arrange certified production conditions are given.