Seabuckthorn development in Nepal: Challenges for sustainable development of resource.

Vishnu Prasad, Nepal


Seabuckthorn development in the mountainous areas of Nepal Himalaya is of course a new intervention in Nepal-just more than five years. However, during the course, many fruitful researches and development activities have been carried out for ensuring sustainability, conservation and judicious utilization of the resource aiming at providing better livelihood for the mountain people. Considering the basic three functions that Seabuckthorn offers for the benefit of people and environment viz. productive, protective and amenity, it can be claimed that it is a highly valuable natural resource that stands as an ever-best choice for the development of mountain in Nepal and its people. However, there remain various problems and shortcomings in the sector.Harvesting of the resources is one of the major challenge as of now followed by product development among others.Local people are producing the Seabuckthorn products such as juice and Seabuckthorn-ciders but the resource harvesting system is not defined y