Sheichenko V.I..

All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Grina Str. 7, 113612 Moscow, Russia


Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is the popular medicinal plant used in Russian traditional and officinal medicine. A various pharmaceutical products are produced from this plant. Hippophae Oleum is the most widely used pharmaceutical product. In the institute there was worked out a new efficient antiviral drug Hiporamin active in a wide spectrum of viruses: Influenza, Herpes, paramixoviruses, HIV-infections, anti-microbial action. A preparation has also an interferon induction activity.

A drug was produced from the seabuckthorn leaves, while active principals were monomeric hydrolyzable tannins: strictinin, isostrictinin, casuarinin, casuarictin and other. The latter are isolated from the plant as metallo-complexes with macro- and micro-elements. There were revealed diagnostic signals of aromatic protons in the NMR spectra of extractives, which were used in the new method of quantitative and qualitative methods of determination of the compounds in the total tannins without their chromatographic separation. The method was also used as express method. Differential UV spectral method of quantitative total tannins determination in the presence of shift agents was also proposed. Methods of tannin analysis were used in "dynamics of tannin and quebrachitol accumulation study in Hippophae rhamnoides leaves", in the crude drug essay and for the pharmaceutical products control.