E.N. Novruzov, L.A. Shamsizade

Institute of Botany of NAS of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Azerbaijan

Rational use of any resources, including vegetative ones assume, first of all, their correct calculation and estimation, their uses, and also conditions and terms of restoration. The work is devoted to these questions. Studying of resources of seabuckthorn fruits was carried out on all territory of Azerbaijan, excepting Talish. Results of the inspections carried out by us have shown presence of the great natural resources of seabuckthorn fruits in Azerbaijan (about 1000 т). The greatest trade stocks of seabuckthorn fruits concentrated on Sheki, Ismailli, Guba, Gusars districts. Extensive fields of seabuckthorn fruits are available on valleys of the rivers Shinchay, Kishchay, Girdmanchay, Hemzelichay, Samurchay, Gusarchay, Gudialchay, Velvelechay, Gilgilchay, Terterchay. In other rivers stocks of seabuckthorn fruits does not exceed 10 т. A biological stock of seabuckthorn fruits is more than 1500 т.

The analysis of the received data on stocks of seabuckthorn fruits show, that productivity of natural thickets, their stocks respectively change on years. Productivity of seabuckthorn fruits in many respects depends on climatic and ecological factors, structure of phytocenoses and their places of growing.

As a result of long-term inspections for development, protection and rational use of thickets of seabuckthorn fruits in territory of Azerbaijan it is necessary to organize natural reserves in Sheki, Zagatala, Ismailli, Guba-Gusars districts. And on the basis of highly productive thickets with high chemical parameters to create the specialized farms incorporated into associations "Seabuckthorn" which with help International Seabuckthorn Association (ISA) will deal with problems of seabuckthorn.