E.N. Novruzov

Institute of Botany of NAS of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Azerbaijan

The seabuckthorn fruits are recognized as a valuable polyvitaminic, medicinal and food plant. Existing technologies of processing of seabuckthorn fruits enable to receive juice and oil. Other biologically active substances (BAS) come as a waste. It is known that seabuckthorn fruits except oil contain and such BAS, as folic, abscise, ursolic acids, flavonoids, catechins, sterins, cholins, betains, irreplaceable amino acids and etc. Our researches have shown, that sace of seabuckthorn fruits after obtaining of juice are rich in above listed substances, especially carotenoids, tocopherols, ursolic acid, sterins and amino acids.

A modern state of phytochemical researches and a level of studies of vegetative raw material allow us much more carefully, more economically regard to process raw material. The purpose of the present work is to develop ways to obtain oil, a common preparation of biflavonoids, carotenoids, tocopherols, sterins, ursolic acids and amino acids without drying sace (45-50% BAS is lost).

As a result of numerous experiments waste less technologies of processing of seabuckthorn fruits were developed. The essence of technology of the processing of fruits is in the following: the first - obtaining of juice and sace; the second - obtaining of the common flavonoids and catechins, a concentrate of carotenoids (seabuckthorn oil), a concentrate of tocopherols (oil of seeds), sterins, ursolic acids and the sums of amino acids from sace by consecutive extraction with organic solvents. It is necessary to note, that all listed preparations are very valuable and have a great demand in medical and the food-processing industry. The developed way of processing of fruits enables to solve three problems simultaneously: enrichment an arsenal of preparations of seabuckthorn fruits, satisfaction of requirement of the both medical and food industries and preservation of stocks of seabuckthorn fruits.