Seabuckthorn Breeding for the Purpose of Leave Utilization

(Henry) LU Shunguang, etc.

(Chinese Administration Center for Seabuckthorn Development, Beijing 100038 PRC)


Leaves are the important parts in the multi-purposes utilization of seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhmnoides) resources. Research and improvement of new varieties are in highly needed in the practice of large scale planting in China as well as in other countries. Focused on the Russian varieties (Hippophae rhmnoides subsp. Mongolica), Chinese varieties(Hippophae rhmnoides subsp. sinensis):- No. 21 and No. 24, and the first generation of Russian variety and Chinese variety, a systematic survey and research of morphological features have been conducted in 2002. The relation between total yield of leave and branches of different variety was analyzed. The evaluation indicators of superior variety for the purpose of leave utilization were set up. Results showed the hybrid of Russian variety and Chinese variety not only has the highest yield of leave, but also has less thorn than Chinese varieties. And Chinese varieties- No. 21 or No. 24 has higher output of leaves than Russian varieties. The further research and selection will bring new varieties for the purpose of leave utilization.