(Hippophae rhamnoides sp.) in Romania

V.Ciobanu,S.Nicolescu,E.Marica,Aurelia Meghea,Maria Giurginca

"NATURA" Ecological Society started research Seabuckthorn,because of big interst for fructs of this bush.It is unknown for more of 2/3 of population because are spreed circumstantial and zonal in our country.

In a questionnaire made by our society was obtained the following results: 9% from asked persons arenít able identify the plant, 7% arenít recognize the fruits or make confusions, 60% havenít heard about plant, 30% donít know any utilisation.

The plant is known much more by population of rural zones from spreading area and for the rest of population it is unknown.

In the romanian literatury, the plant is less mentionated or iven less; the only mention is that like it is an important source of a n invigorating tea.

In the last 50 years, were exist a lot of attemps of research of Seabuckthorn, without a sistematic research so far.

In 70-80 period as a result of some researches, it was initiated a programme of Seabuckthorn plantations with a view to improve some degradated lots or to stop the process of desertification of some areals from South of Romania.

After 1990, these plantations were vanished step by step, because of two reasons: the biological decline and the massive clearing to obtain grazes lots.

In present, in wild state, the Seabuckthorn is growing naturaly in cca 200 ha, espeacially in subcarpatic zone, in basins of principally rivers, in the Danube Delta and the Black Sea.

The Seabuckthorn is exploited massive on small surfaces, especially by Forest Administration, though the valorification of fruits, in fresh way to export.

In our country, are few products: invigorating tea, Seabuckthorn oil and some cosmetic creams.

The market with fruits for export represent cca 25% of total production from spontaneous flora.

Because of gathering of the fruits, remain only stumps and branches and therefore in a short time, the Seabuckthorn will disappear from our flora.

"NATURA" Ecological Society started a research project, included in our National Programme for Researches and Development, financed by Romanian Gouverment.This project has the principal objectives:

Within the framework of paper are presentated the results until present by "NATURAí Ecological Society, in the maked researches as well as the objectives for future researches.