Cultivation of Sea Buckthorn in Baltic States.


Andrejs Bruvelis, Association of Sea Buckthorn Growers, Latvia

Sea buckthorn (sbt) has been introduced in Baltics as a cultivated plant in 1984. Observations of trial plantations in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania allowed to deteremine sbt climatypes suitable for growing in moderate maritime climatic conditions. There are 550 ha of sbt commercial plantations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Five new baltic sbt cultivars have been bred. Investigation of factors influencing the vegetative growth and resistance against wilt are performed. Comparison of different sbt harvesting techniques are done, some new harvesting methods are developed. Chemical composition of different cultivars grown in Baltics is investigated, some new sbt consumer products are created.

There is a scientific co-operation project between Baltic Sea Buckthorn Union and the Tree Species Introduction Laboratory of Northern Research Institute of Forestry in Russia, Arckhangelsk. Research about the sbt propagation has been done together with the Institute of Horticulture of Sweden. Tight international collaboration with sbt growers in Canada is established and developing.