Palynological studies on Hippophae rhamnoides L. Taxon of Turkey

Aliye Aras, Turkey


Hippophae rhamnoides L.ssp.caucasica Rousi is the only registered or known species growing in Turkey among the Hippophae L. taxa which have a wide distribution in Asia and Europe.The samples for palynological research were collected from various regions in Turkey namely Trabzon, Sivas, Ilgaz, Isparta and Istanbul. In palynological studies, "Wodehouse" and "Acetolise" methods were used for determining 11 pollen properties and the results, mean values, variations, and standart deviations were presented in table. Shape of pollen(P/E), lenght of colpate in apertures,magnitude of polar triangle (t), the ratio of ectexine/endexine, ratio of exine/intine, thickness of exine and its ornemantation were found to be significantly different in samples collected from 6 different regions. Consequently, our results supported that Hippophae rhamnoides ssp.caucasica is not the only species or subspecies exist in Turkey