Multi-Dimentional application of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoide) - a prevention and management strategies of age related psychosomatic deficits.


Aruna Agrawal* & Dr. G.P. Dubey


Department of Basic Principles

Faculty of Ayurveda

Institute of Medical Sciences

Banaras Hindu University

Varanasi 221 005 (India)


Due to increase in life expectancy the incidence of age related neurological and behavioural problems are more pronounced than ever among the elderly. Age related changes in the immune system renders the elderly more susceptible to a variety of infections. Apart from this alterations in the respiratory tract, urinary outflow obstruction, gastrointestinal dysmotility, impaired circulation and tissue perfusion, deficient collagen synthesis, poor wound healing, anxiety and depression are associated with elderly population. The existing medical knowledge system provides limited therapy for the progressive deterioration of age related psychosomatic deficits.

In the present series of study the organic extract of Seabuckthorn (500mg/per day) was given to 78 ageds of both sex, age range varied from 60 78 years. A double blind placebo control, procedure was followed upto six months. Improvement in clinical symptomatology and body immunity, with adaptogenic property, reduction in anxiety and depression scores including overall feeling of well being were the major obtained results in drug treated group of this clinical trial.

The drug Seabuckthorn may be proposed as an remedial measure for the prevention and management of age related neuropsychophysiological deficits caused due to aging process.

The drug did not shown any adverse effect even after its prolonged application.

Result shall be presented and discussed.